VOLCANO eCigs' Customer of the Week - Kathy

COTW- Kathy

My name is Kathy and I am a long time customer of the VOLCANO e-cigs location in Queen Kaahumanu Center on the island of Maui.

Thanks to my husband encouraging me to give electronic cigarettes a try, I did and have been analog free for 3 years now. My first purchase from VOLCANO eCigs was an INFERNO starter kit with Menthol Burst eliquid.  Through my 3 years of vaping, I felt no need to try any other ecig devices or any other flavors of eliquid because I loved vaping Menthol Burst with my INFERNO even if the other eliquids sounded yummy!  So till this day, I am still using my INFERNO starter kit along with my Menthol Burst eliquid and loving it.

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With making the switch to vaping, I am saving anywhere from $60 - $80 a week.  Not only do we have that extra money to help pay for our bills but we also now have extra money to have the occasional night out for dinner with the family. Eventually, I plan to get down to 0 mg eliquid and then in the future quit all together. I would highly recommend to anyone thinking about making the switch to vaping to do so because it has helped me more than I thought it would. I've already told many of my family and friends about VOLCANO ecigs and the great experience I have had so far. Not to mention the great staff at the Queen Kaahumanu Center location that has helped me through all of my ecig and eliquid 'emergencies' while being patient, courteous and extremely helpful!

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