VOLCANO eCigs' Customer of the week - Keiko

Customer of the Week - Kieko


I’ve been vaping with VOLCANO Fine Electronic Cigarettes on and off since 2008.

I currently use The LAVATUBE version 2, it's my favorite product thus far. I have a few fav flavors of VOLCANO eCigs eliquid which I enjoy as well: Red Hot Lava eliquid, Sweet Tart eliquid, and Red Wings eliquid. 

I chose to make the switch to electronic cigarettes at first because I don’t like the smell of cigarettes. I also save a lot of money with VOLCANO eCigs in comparison to tobacco cigarettes. I used to buy from other cheap online sites, but their electronic cigarettes kept breaking and there was nowhere to make returns or any kind of product warranty. VOLCANO eCigs has the one year warranty on their starter kits so I didn't have to worry. 

VOLCANO Fine Electronic Cigarettes has helped me save a ton of money. I end up using the extra money on gas and on my daughter, much more important in my opinion than tobacco

My goals with electronic cigarettes is to get down to zero nicotine and would like to continue to vape because I want to not because I have to.

I recommend people who are still thinking about switching to vaping to just do it! Make the switch. VOLCANO eCigs has a good team at Pearlridge Shopping Center and Windward Mall. Ever since I started everyone was really helpful.