VOLCANO eCigs' Customer of the week - Laura

Customer of the week - Laura

My name is Laura and I have been vaping with VOLCANO Fine Electronic Cigarettes for about 2 years now!  My first purchase was The INFERNO Starter Kit and I fell in love!  I am currently still using my Inferno with the New BCT Tank set-up along with my favorite VOLCANO eCig eliquids Bluewater Punch and Honeydew Melon.View all eliquid flavors >>

After hearing so many people talking about how fast they were able to transition from smoking cigarettes to exclusivly vaping with their VOLCANO eCig, I had to give e-cigarettes it a try. 6 months later, I was an exclusive vapor! I didn’t smell like smoke all the time and saved an enormous amount of money, some of which I use for snacking ;) !eCigarette Savings Calculator >>

I unfortunately did fall of the wagon from e-cigarettes for about a month.  I didn’t buy any cigarettes but instead bummed them off co-workers and friends.  After that, I completely stopped smoking cigarettes and havent used eliquid with nicotine since September 2013!  As a promise to my daughter, I plan to quit vaping in February 2014 on her birthday.

Because of my successes, I would HIGHLY recommend vaping to anyone and everyone who is thinking about finding a smarter alternative to tobacco cigarettes!  And be sure to make the switch with VOLCANO eCigs, they have the most AWESOME staff at ALL locations!  Not only have I become their customer but I also made friends for a lifetime!