VOLCANO eCigs' Customer of the week - Maria

Customer of the week photo - Maria


What is your name?

My name is Maria.

How long have you been using ecigarettes and how long have you been a Volcanoecigs customer?

I had never tried an e-cigarette before Novemeber, 2011 when my daughter came home with one from VOLCANO.  I didn't believe they would work for me since I had been a smoker for the majority of my life, but ever since I bought my INFERNO ecigarettes kit in February I have not looked back!

What is your current e-cigarette setup?

When I first bought my INFERNO ecigarette kit I was using the original tank system that was available at that time.  I have since switched over to the Tube Tank system which I find to be much more convenient  It lasts an entire day and into the next before I have to fuss with it again.  I love the tube Tanks!

What is your favorite product and flavor from Volcanoecigs?

My favorite product would have to be the INFERNO ecigarette! My daughter has upgraded to the LAVATUBE ecigarette and I just find it to be too bulky for my taste.  As for my favorite flavor it would be a mixture of Menthol and Menthol Burst. Separately I find them to be too much, but together they're amazing! I'm not really keen on any of the other flavors. 

What made you decide to make the switch and how has e-cigarettes changed your life?

I have been searching to a tobacco alternative for a while. VOLCANO ecigs has drastically changed my life!  Now I don't smell or have to deal with messy ash.

Have you ever fallen off the wagon and gone back to smoking? If so what’s your current smoking situation?

A week or so after purchasing my INFERNO e-cigarette kit a friend of mine was smoking a cigarette and I asked for a puff.  It was so horrible!  I have never went back to tobacco and I can no longer stand the smell or taste of them!  Vaping has such a better taste and virtually no smell! I will never go back to tobacco cigarettes!

Has e-cigarettes helped you cut down on smoking costs?  If so, what do you do with the extra money?

Yes!  Since I don't buy cigarettes at all I now have more money to buy other things and to go out. The cost of maintaining my e-cigarettes are so much cheaper!

What are your goals with e-cigarettes?  Do you plan to quit entirely or remain a vaper?

I don't have any immediate plans to stop vaping, but you never know what the future holds! I love vaping and plan to stick with it.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about switching to vaping?

I would say 'Go for it!', it's cheaper than tobacco cigarettes and you'll be saving money in the long run!  It has the possibility to change your life and if you have the opportunity to help yourself, why not take it! You only hav one life to live it, make it beautiful.

Is there anything else you would like to share about your experiences with us?

The product speaks for itself. I recommend everyone who smokes to try a VOLCANO ecig. If your contemplating getting an eCig, do it!  You'll be glad you did! Plus, the people who work for Volcanoecigs are so helpful and wil answer any and all of your questions if you just ask!