VOLCANO eCigs' Customer of the Week - Shannon


Before having the chance to own an ecig device, Shannon was fortunate enough to have Vapers as friends that were more than happy to share their experiences and devices.

So when Shannon was gifted his very first LAVATUBE Starter Kit he was more than excited. “Chee hoo!” Even with this being his first ecig, Shannon had no issues with regular use, care and maintenance. “It was a lot easier to use then I expected.”

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As a guitarist in the band HiRiZ, Shannon was reminded of all the harmful affects of smoking at every gig he played. “I have asthma so when there were a lot of people smoking it would start to agitate it.” With second hand smoke being a big concern for entertainers, Shannon was in support of the indoor smoking ban when it was passed here in Hawaii. “Since the indoor smoking ban, I’m a lot more comfortable when playing music in bars and clubs.”

Since taking care of his ecig was a breeze, Shannon was able to focus more on the amazing eliquid flavors finding his favorite one. “My favorite eliquid is Halawa Guava. Tastes pretty mean.” Being able to vape Halawa Guava for longer periods of time, Shannon has been able to master his Vape O’s and got the technique down for the Vape-nado. “Should be able to master the Vape-nado soon and off to the next trick.”

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During the 2 years Shannon has been enrolled at Leeward Community College working his way to his Associates Degree in Culinary Arts and now working part time at the Aulani Resort as prep for the kitchen, he has seen a tremendous growth of Vapers. “After I started vaping, I noticed more and more people making the switch. In school, at work and even some of my friends and family.”

Being an aspiring chef and musician, Shannon needs all of his senses to be on their “A” game. “My senses are 100% active and I’d like to keep them that way.” With the appreciation for the arts and love for exquisite food, maybe Shannon will cook up some tasty musical jams in the future.

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