VOLCANO eCigs' Customer of the week - Shawn

Customer of the week - Shawn

What is your name?


How long have you been vaping and how long have you been a Volcanoecigs customer?

I have been vaping now for about 2 months.  I have been a ecigarette customer for the same amount of time.

What is your current setup?

I currently have the standard inferno ecigarette kit with a lanyard for convenience and a colored tip I chose for style.

What is your favorite product and flavor from Volcanoecigs?

My favorite product is of course my INFERNO ecigarette itself.  As for flavors, it is a hard pick.  I personally favor menthol burst.

What made you decide to make the switch and how has vaping changed your life?

I decided to make the switch when I realized that instead of starting to consistently smoke after having stopped for a number of years, I could make an investment for the betterment of my wallet.

Have you ever fallen off the wagon and gone back to smoking? If so what’s your current smoking situation?

Recently I fell of the wagon because of, well... a girl, and it turns out I also have developed an allergy.  After smoking about 10 cigarettes, I woke up the next morning with a swollen uvula--certainly a wakeup call.

Has vaping helped you cut down on smoking costs? What do you do with the extra money?

The money I save on not buying packs of cigarettes goes, instead, into medical bills when I fall off the wagon... all joking aside, it allows me to focus on my food and clothing needs with some extra wiggle room.

What are your goals with vaping? Do you plan to quit entirely or remain a vaper?

My goal is to remove cigarettes from my routine completely, especially after my incident.  I hope to beat the want for a "real cigarette" that I get from time to time.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about switching to vaping?

I can only share an infinite amount of thanks for being my opportunity to make a good decision for myself.  Additionally, I want to express my appreciation to your staff for being extremely helpful, not only with getting me started with my ecig, but keeping me going with it.