VOLCANO eCigs' Customer of the week - Tully

Customer of the week - Tully

My name is Tully O'Reilly and I have been vaping with VOLCANO for a little over a year now.

I started with VOLCANO eCigs from the get go. Right now, I have The MAGMA ecigarette which I use with the clearomizer heating elements, and I usually swap out my chrome bullet drip tip with an acrylic drip tip from time to time. 

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Personally I like to use The MAGMA for its portability and easy maintenance. The Clearomizer heating element gets great eliquid flavor and good vapor production as well. Currently, I like the Red Hot Lava eliquid. It's very intense and is distinct from other flavors. 

I wanted to make sure my tobacco cigarettes would not inhibit my singing voice and I prefer the vapor instead. I have a passion for music and musical theatre. 

I have never fallen off the wagon or felt the need to go back to tobacco cigarettes. Since I have started vaping with VOLCANO eCigs I have had extra money which I use to pay rent, keep gas in my tank and food - it's great. I am comfortable with vaping. I plan on sticking with it. I like all the eliquid flavors. 

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My advice to people who are on the fence is just do it. You don't need to smell like cigarettes anymore. A friend of mine introduced me to ecigarettes, VOLCANO eCigs in particular and we have not looked back.