Volcano Fine Electronic Cigarettes® Beach Clean Up


Lazily discarded cigarette butts on Hawaii's pristine beaches are more than unsightly; they're also an environmental hazard.

CigaretteLitter.org has published research demonstrating the harm that cigarette butts can cause to aquatic life because of the tobacco-related chemicals that leach out. Composed mostly of a fibrous plastic compound, cigarette butts take years to decompose. Sustainable Coastlines recently completed a cleanup project at Kuhio Beach Park where 11 volunteers collected 1,748 butts in one hour. Volcano Fine Electronic Cigarettes is sponsoring a similar cleanup effort at Kakakko Waterfront Beach Park on Saturday March 30, 2013. The Oahu Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation is overseeing the cleanup. More than 100 people are expected to participate. 

"We are pleased to bring awareness to this issue on the beaches not only of Hawaii but worldwide," explained Cory Smith, owner and CEO of Volcano ecig. "Our electronic cigarettes can end this issue easily because our ecigs do not have butt discard which pollutes our environment. We applaud the Surfrider organization and happily donate to their cause of protecting our coastal areas."

Volcano eCigs will be donating to the Surfrider Foundation based on the number of butts collected. More volunteers will mean not only a cleaner beach, but also more funds for the Surfrider Foundation to fulfill their mission of protecting and sustaining the world's oceans and beaches. Electronic cigarette devices, such as the ones manufactured by Volcano, have the compelling advantage of producing no cigarette butt litter.

"It's sad when we no longer think of cigarette butts as littering, yet we NEVER clean a beach without finding them," said James McCay of the Surfrider Foundation. "Far from harmless, each of these is a little bundle of toxins that demands attention. The Surfrider Foundation Oahu applauds the work of Volcano Fine E-Cigs in raising awareness of these issues and helping to protect the beaches and waters that we all share. As we say in Hawaii, Malama Pono!"

The Surfrider Foundation has more beach clean ups scheduled after the March 30 Volcano ecigs sponsored event. Visit oahu.surfrider.org for a calendar of events.