VOLCANO’s E-liquid Formula Is Switching To 50PG / 50VG


VOLCANO’s E-liquid Formula Is Changing From 70PG / 30VG To 50PG / 50VG


Our Premium E-Liquid Line that you have come to love is about to get better. Following in the footsteps of the ever-changing vaping industry, we have decided that it is time to update our e-liquid formula from our original formulation of 70PG / 30VG to 50PG / 50VG.


When Good Becomes Great

Change is never a bad thing. That is what we felt when we decided it was time to improve our original e-liquid blend. Aligning ourselves with vaping industry standards, we are switching our original mixture to instead feature a 50PG/50VG blend. We feel that having PG and VG in equal parts affords a vape experience with much more robust flavor and voluminous cloud production.

Not to worry as this change in formulation will not affect the flavor that you have come to enjoy. You will still have the same full-bodied flavor production as you had experienced with our original e-liquids.


How will I know if my flavor has switched over?

We will be rolling out our new formulations as each original flavor stock gets depleted. The main indicator of the switch to your favorite flavor will be the difference in the labeling.

We have selected a simple and more modern color-block design for our new bottles, which as you will see will enable you to pick out your flavor and nicotine strength of choice much faster due to the more simplistic and bold color design. Our new labels will also feature a “Born-On” date, that way you will always know that the e-liquid you are vaping is as fresh as it can be.

The label isn’t the only thing that has changed either. We have also opted for a higher grade and non-permeable plastic bottle for a better way to preserve the premium e-liquid flavor that you enjoy. The bottles will also come shrink-wrapped and the caps will retain the childproof feature.

Listed below is the progress of our e-liquid change. This chart will be kept updated to which flavors have been re-formulated as an easy reference point for our upcoming updates.