Ways You Are Damaging The Vape Scene:


Don't Be That Guy.  Here Are 8 Ways You Might Be Ruining The Vaping Movement:


It happens that there are those ecig users who give us respectable vapers a bad name because they choose to ignore their basic ecigarette etiquette. They are the ones who preach the vaping way like it is a gospel, they are the ones who vape in places they know they shouldn’t be and are the ones who aren’t considerate to others when they vape in public. You know this type of vaper, please don’t be that guy or girl.



1. You vape at a movie theater and other inappropriate places


Don't be the reason that the person behind you needs to call the usher to get you kicked out. 

Nothing is more annoying than going to a movie theater and finding yourself behind an inconsiderate vaper who is blowing huge clouds of vapor that obstruct your view of the movie you paid money to see. Even if the people around you are okay with vaping, it is guaranteed that they will be extremely annoyed with the billows of vapor that are blocking their view of the movie. If you use a device that has an activation light, that itself can also be a great distraction.

So why not skip the drama and step outside if you really need to vape during the movie.


Here are a few other places where you should reconsider vaping at:



PTA Meetings



So be the courteous vaper and always double check with the people in charge before you decide to start vaping.



2. You are rude and patronizing to smokers


You were in their shoes once and you know what it was like as a smoker, you don't need to be another person that talks to them about their habit.

It can be tempting to go to your friends and coworkers who are still smokers and condemn their habit, but you need to remember that you were in their place not so long ago. Can’t you still recall your family and non-smoking friends telling you that smoking is bad for you? Don’t add to that yourself. Unless they explicitly ask for your advice on their own, it better to just leave them alone and try your best to not shun or humiliate your friends who smoke—you wouldn’t want them to do that to you if you were in their place.



3. You treat your ecigarette like a fog machine wherever you go


Please DO NOT be like this guy who thought it would be a great idea to vape on frozen yogurt at a local yogurt shop. It caused quite an outcry amongst the many vapers on the Electronic Cigarette subreddit where it was posted.


When you used to smoke your old tobacco cigarette did you ever brag about how big the cloud of smoke was that you could create? Most likely not. Maybe you tried blowing a ring or two, but as a cigarette smoker you never cared how well your Marlboro cigarette “performed”. It is a wonder why vapers nowadays, especially “cloudchasers” feel that whenever they vape they must create a huge billow of vapor when they take a puff. Thick vapor is definitely a satisfying experience in it of itself, but please choose the right place and time. Blowing an immense cloud of vapor whenever you vape is not going to gain the ecigarette community any positive acceptance especially in enclosed spaces.

Vaping is a lifestyle change, and a great one at that. But it is not a sport, stop trying to outdo each other by exhaling in places full of people who aren’t vapers.



4. You preach the ecig gospel


In truth, nobody likes a bragger.

It is a great thing to be passionate about something, and most vapers are passionate about the device that changed their lifestyles for the better. But don’t go walking around preaching about how much you vape and what you vape on, in no time you will be quite annoying. You can be knowledgeable and passionate about vaping, we encourage it but share your information only to ones who are looking for it. You should also be prepared to back up your claims with a lot of research and the correct facts.

Just don’t go crazy by treating your vaping as a political campaign, there is no need to constantly bash smokers on social media or pester your friends who are still smokers day and night to try ecigarettes.



5. You blow vapor in someone’s face


Not even a vaper would enjoy a face full of vapor that isn't theirs.


Please, please however much you love your vape and all things tobacco and smoke free, do NOT blow your vapor clouds in someone’s face! Doing this is seriously what gives ecigarette users such a terrible reputation. It is plastered all over social media as it has happened on many occasions already, and people all over are venting their frustration over that inconsiderate vaper who blew clouds in their direction.

Make sure that next time you are close to someone when you are vaping you are conscientious enough to turn your head the other way and exhale away from them.



6. You leave your ecig collection and other supplies laying around


Who wouldn't want an awesome vape box like this where you can safely and neatly store all of your vape gear?

Electronic cigarettes are products made for adults and should only be used and handled by adults. They should never be within reach of children or animals. So it should be common sense that you should not be leaving your ecig cartridges, eliquid bottles, batteries, chargers, mods, etc laying around where small hands and paws can easily get them. If you are in a household of only adults this is just a common courtesy issue.

Don’t leave a trail of your stuff strewn all over the house; it can become just as annoying as unemptied cigarette ashtrays and old cigarette butts.


Check out this great post on the E-Cigarette Forum on what other vapers use to safely store their vaping supplies.



7. You take extra bathroom breaks just to vape


Eventually someone is going to find out exactly what you are doing in there.

A tactic most often used by new vapers who want to avoid unwarranted attention from their coworkers or family members when they feel the need to vape. But in truth it is bad practice, if you are in a public restroom people may feel startled by seeing a cloud of vapor coming out of a stall, you could be hogging a toilet from someone who actual needs to use it and you may start to worry your family members when they see you going to the bathroom so often.

Soon enough people will catch on to what you are doing. If you really need to vape just step into another room or even better just go outside.



8. You vape in the bathroom on an airplane


Seriously it is not a good idea. For the love of your vape and the vaping world, don't even consider it.

At the moment it is okay for you to bring your vapes on a plane, but that doesn’t mean it is okay for you to use it midflight. Even if an airline does not yet explicitly say they prohibit the use of electronic cigarettes during the flight, it is always best to assume that you cannot. Your vaping may interrupt other passengers’ comfort and it may cause misunderstanding amongst everyone on the plane. Remember, there are smoke detectors on airplanes and as discussed in a previous post your vapor can set off a smoke detector.

Don’t take the chance of vaping inside a bathroom and risk grounding your plane and inconveniencing not just yourself but everyone else on the flight with you.