What Type of Vaper Are You?


Which One Of These Kinds Of Vapers Are You?

We all come together under the deep love that we have for the products that changed our lives for the better—e-cigarettes and e-liquids were what finally made our switch from tobacco cigarettes a successful one.

Though we all have this likeness and fall under the same great subculture, there are still different types of vapers out there each with a different goal in mind while they continue down their vaping journey.

Take a look at the most common types of vapers out there and see where you fall under.


The Noob


I have no clue where to begin.

We were all there at one point, because well, you have to start somewhere. The Noob is the complete beginner taking their first tentative steps into the waters of vaping. These types get super excited about their beginner devices may it be a cig-a-like such as the MAGMA or an ego-device like the INFERNO, they are super excited about vaping albeit a bit intimidated.

They have many questions to ask because they have a lot to discover and as a welcoming and knowledgeable vaping community, there is always someone willing to lend a helping hand, offer some quick tips and give much needed encouragement.

They may get their vaping terms a little confused and are sticking to flavors that remind them of their old tobacco cigarette, but soon enough they’ll become more adventurous and try some other new flavors that will make them so glad they decided to make the switch.

Are you a vaping Noob? No problem, start here and welcome to the world of vaping!


The Satisfied Switcher


E-cigs, the switch-maker.

The most accepted form of vaper, the Satisfied Switcher is the type who successfully made the switch away from tobacco cigarettes. This type of vaper is happy with their simple cig-a-like pack like the MAGMA or ego-device like the INFERNO.

They are using vaping to keep off of tobacco cigarettes and they are reaping the benefits in being able to step down their nicotine levels, some have even been able to get off of nicotine completely.



The Alchemist


Flavors are my life-blood! 

The mad scientists of the vaping world, Vapor Alchemists are the ones who have tried every e-liquid flavor out there and are on top of new flavors that are being released. They come up with amazing e-juice mixes, some a little over-the-top, but most pretty amazing.

They are still looking for their perfect all-day-vape and haven’t found it yet, so most have switched over to making their own e-liquids. They becoming master mixologists and most can be found sharing their knowledge on e-liquid flavor forums online.

Are you a fledgling e-liquid Alchemist? Check out our E-liquid Mix of the Week posts for some inspiration to get you started.

The Cloudchaser


Big clouds bro. 

Cloudchasers are the vapers whose heads are constantly surrounded in a huge plume of exhaled vapor. The bigger and thicker their clouds the better. They are masters at sub ohm builds, because those are the types needed to create big clouds. VG is their bloodline, as vegetable glycerin is what creates those voluminous clouds.

Most Cloudchasers will be seen with e-liquids that have a much higher VG content compared to PG and will usually have drippers on their devices with custom builds.

Want sub-ohm clouds but don't want to build? Check out our sub-ohm tank style atomizers that can create some thick satisfying vapor clouds.

The Vapormancer


Tricks are my vape game.

Much like the Cloudchaser, the Vapormancer isn’t here for just the satisfaction of a simple vape and exhale. They get their satisfaction from being able to create some amazing vapor tricks from their trick arsenal.

From Vape-O’s, bubbles, looking like a dragon, forming some Vape-nados or creating a school of Vape Jellyfish the tricks and show is endless. These folks are always out their taking their tricks to the next level to try and create the next coolest vape trick.

Check out the 10 Most Popular Vape Tricks out there and maybe you can attempt your own.

The Advocator


Fight for your rights or watch them get taken away!

A big thank you to our vaping Advocators; you are the vapers who are always sticking up for the vape community when anti-vaping propaganda rears its ugly head.

You’re there informing other vapers of the latest developments in e-cig laws and news, and you are the one who rallies all of us together when we need to stand up for our right to vape. Vaping truly would not exist if it weren’t for The Advocator.

Do your part and help us push the FDA’s deeming regulations on a route that will benefit and not hinder the vaping industry.

The Vaperist


Want to see my sick mod collection?

The Vaperist is the one who has an incredible vape gear collection, definitely way more than the average vaper. The Vaperist can often be found at e-cigarette conventions with big swag bags of new equipment, gear and liquids that they scored during the few hours they’ve spent roaming around.

A lot of time and also money is spent by the Vaperist to enhance their vaping experience and grow their collection. Much like the Vapetuoso they are also chock-full of great advice about the latest devices and technology that is gracing the vaping market.

The Aficionado


I like my brand and that's that!

The Aficionado was first turned onto vaping with one particular brand and with this one brand their switch was easy and made it a successful one. Their favorite e-cig brand has everything that they could ever want from vaping and that is all that they need.

The Aficionado knows exactly what they want in their vape and they know they can get it from their favorite brand, so why bother checking something different when they are already happy with what they have.

For the Aficionado, the grass on their side is the perfect shade of green that they don’t even notice what the neighbors on the other side have.



The Vapetuoso


Train you I must.

The Vapetuoso is your go-to guy for everything e-cigarette, e-liquid and vaping related. They are very passionate about the device that changed their life for the better and are always very willing to share the knowledge they’ve gained over the years since their switch.

This type is also the one that searches far and wide for information on new devices, equipment or e-juices before they decide to buy. They are also the ones you see going from booth to booth at an e-cigarette convention asking questions about new technology, devices or e-liquids that are about to drop.

Vapetuoso’s may also have their own review blog or vlog sharing their views on the products they’ve gotten their hands on and they are always the ones who are willing to lend a helping hand especially to the vaping Noobs who have just started their vaping journey.

The Architect


Do you even build, bro?

Architects are extremely passionate about their vaping hobby and they will never be seen with an average electronic cigarette. These folks love their mods and will always have the most customized build you’ve ever seen. They’re the ones who create mods that are works of art and devices that are one-of-a-kind.

The Architect will always have a toolkit on hand for quick fixes or if a rebuild is needed. They are the ones who know Ohm’s Law and battery safety like the backs of their hands.

Take a look at the types of mods and advanced coilbuilds the Architect type comes up with daily.

The Vape Douche


Chill out dude. It’s just vapor.

This is the type of vaper that gives the world of vaping a bad name. It is the guy who vapes wherever they want and whenever they want with no regard for those around him. He’ll be seen blowing huge clouds while standing in a crowd and will give a store manager a rant on how vaping isn’t smoking before he puts away his e-cig or goes outside to continue his vaping.

The Vape Douche will also be the type of vaper who looks down on smokers who haven’t found their way to the switch yet. They normally aren’t very good at offering advice in a positive manner and are the types to advocate about vaping during inappropriate times and more often come off rudely.

Showing your support for vaping and sharing your knowledge with others is a great thing, but it is always better to be sure your opinion is wanted rather than shoving your views and blowing your clouds in someone else’s face.

Avoid becoming a Vape Douche and brush up on your E-cigarette Etiquette.