Why Is My Tank Leaking eLiquid?


Why Is My Tank Suddenly Leaking eLiquid Everywhere?


1. Loose Seals

Your TubeTank has seals that are threaded at the top and bottom, these seals are what keep a vacuum inside your tank. One common leak culprit is that your seals aren't completely seated.


Screw on your threads and make sure it is on tight. Make sure you always use your hands and never pliers or a wrench as these two instruments could make you over-tighten your threads which could deform your tank and cause leakage. Always keep your threads gunk-free. You can easily keep them clean with some warm soapy water and a good scrub with an old toothbrush.

2. Coil Is Twisted On Incorrectly

There is always a chance that you did not twist your coil onto the tank tightly enough. A loose coil, like a loose seal could also cause leaking because it doesn't allow for a vacuum in your tank.


Every time you replace your coil, or if you notice leakage always make sure that you double check that your coil has been twisted on tightly in your tank. Again, only use your hands for this and never any tools. If this was the issue in the first place, we recommend that you take the time to wipe off the coil and make sure it is dry (DO NOT use water or get the coil wet to get it clean, as this can damage it). You will want to get it as dry as possible as any liquid already on your coil will just pull more eliquid and cause leakage.

3. Worn Out Coils

Just like all things in life, there is a point where it will come to an end. This goes the same for your coils. Depending on your usage, coils will last you from two weeks to up to a month. When the lifespan of your coils has come to its end you will notice a couple things. Your vape has a burnt taste to it and suddenly you aren't getting as much vapor as you used to before. This old and damaged wick may be causing your leak by allowing way too much eliquid into your central chamber.


If you notice the lessened vapor production and burnt flavor taste along with leaks, at this point the best thing you can do is switch out your coil for a new one.

4. Airflow Blockage

If the airflow is blocked in your tank, these could cause too much eliquid into your center chamber which can lead to a leaking tank. 


Make sure that your air holes are clean and open. Check the base of your TubeTank, there are holes that allow air-flow and make sure that nothing is blocking them. One other solution is to take shorter and slower pulls whenever you vape. Taking longer and harder pulls may mess up the pressure inside your tank and can lead to leaks.

5. Altitude Changes

There is a good chance that if you experienced leakage when you were on a plane or even drove up to a higher altitude it was caused by excess internal pressure. As explained by our previous article on altitude changes and how it affects your tank, the internal pressure may be the only culprit.


Leave your tanks empty during travel until you have arrived at your destination. You can also just keep your tank filled up half-way. This way it will leave room for the air pressure and only cause your eliquid levels to rise but not be pushed out.

6. Damaged Tank

The most common cause of leakage is a damaged tank. Any sort of damage could be the cause of a leak, maybe one of the o-rings is warped or ripped, there maybe a crack in the tank itself, or your threads may be stripped. Any of these issues can ruin the vacuum seal of your tank which can lead to leaks.


Before you refill your tank, make sure that you take the time to properly examine the parts of your tank. Check for any cracks in the plastic, the quality of your o-rings, or check the condition of your threads. If you notice any damage in any of these parts it is best for you to replace the part or the whole tank itself.