Your EScribe Settings For the LAVABOX DNA 200 1300mAh Battery


EScribe Settings For Your LAVABOX DNA 200 1300mAh Battery


You’ve been eagerly waiting for the big release of VOLCANO’s 1300 mAh LAVABOX Battery Extender Pack and finally you received one in your latest vapemail package. After a little tinkering and a quick overview of the step-by-step installation video, you finally have your 1300mAh extended LAVABOX DNA 200.

Now what? Can you just start vaping like you were before with your 900mAh LAVABOX settings?

Though technically you could just start vaping, your old 900mAh settings will make your 1300mAh battery perform less efficiently. That’s why we have created a new CSV file and quick overview for your 1300mAh LAVABOX.

Download and install the files we have included below and start vaping your LAVABOX powerhouse!

Find out more about your LAVABOX DNA 200 from our Knowledge Base


Quick Escribe Overview:


Escribe is a managing software program from EVOLV, the company who created the DNA 200 chip. It is this incredible program that will allow you to customize your LAVABOX’s specs to perfectly suit your needs from the inside out.

Remember, Escribe is still only available on Windows. Sorry Mac users, you’ll need to use Parallels or VirtualBox with Windows installed in order to use the program.


Download EScribe


EScribe Settings for Your 1300mAh Extended LAVABOX:


1300mAh LAVABOX CSV File


Click to download the file above and upload it into EScribe under the “Mod” tab.


Don’t forget to input the settings below under the “Mod” tab:


Battery Capacity: 14.43Wh

Soft Cell Cutoff: 3.09v

Mod Internal Resistance: 0.007 Ohms


1300mAh LAVABOX Thermal Case Settings:


Input these numbers under the “Mod” tab, below "Electrical"




Don’t want to go through the hassle of making all of these changes? Lucky for you Michael C., one of our awesome Assistant Managers created EScribe files that contain all of the settings you need for your LAVABOX.

These preset files contain battery settings, case thermal settings and Ni/Ti/SS temperature control wire settings. They also come set with custom screens with a simple, larger and easier to read font. Perfect for the everyday, on-the-go LAVABOX user.


Don’t like these EScribe profile settings? Create & Upload your own with our easy tutorial


Preset Custom LAVABOX EScribe Files:


900mAh LAVABOX EScribe Settings

1300mAh LAVABOX EScribe Settings


How to Use The Custom LAVABOX EScribe Files:


(1) Click to download the correct file for your LAVABOX

(2) Open EScribe & Connect Your LAVABOX

(3) Select the file menu in the top left

(4) Select the “Open” option

(5) Select your downloaded “.ecig” file for either the 900mAh or 1300mAh LAVABOX

(6) Feel free to fine-tune your settings if needed

(7) Click “Upload Settings to Device”


Happy vaping folks!