Your Love Is Timeless. So Is The Limited Edition Blood Red LAVABOX


The Limited Edition Blood Red LAVABOX DNA 200 Box Mod Is Now Available


Valentine’s Day is on Sunday, are you prepared with a heart-stopping gift? Steer away from the ordinary this year and get your vaper sweetheart a gift that they will never forget—the Limited Edition Blood Red LAVABOX DNA 200 Box Mod.


Form & Function:


Our limited release Blood Red LAVABOX DNA 200 box mod is a timeless vaping device that has been masterfully engineered with refined attention to each aspect of the device and has been built to perform as much as it makes a statement.

What makes the Blood Red LAVABOX unique is its impressive crimson red finish. The Blood Red LAVABOX has been specially coated with a superior-grade oxidized red pigment to create its exclusive deep red finish. Not only does this create one bold and eye-catching look, the special coating also increases the textural feel of the device for an added anti-slip surface.

Like its predecessor, the internals of the Blood Red LAVABOX are guided by the extraordinary DNA 200 chip made by EVOLV. This high-tech operating board allows the LAVABOX a power output of up to 200 watts so that it can be used with a plethora of RDAs or tank setups to garner its user the perfect vape every time.

The DNA 200 chip also gives the Blood Red LAVABOX its temperature control capabilities, which allows it to limit and sense the temperature of coils that are built with Ni200 pure nickel or titanium wires. This feature can guard the user from the dry hits and the taste of burnt coils.

The Blood Red LAVABOX DNA 200 is also powered by a 900mAh 3-cell lipo battery for a long day of vaping without constantly needing to swap out batteries or recharge. When a recharge is needed though, the device can be plugged in via the micro USB port located at the front of the device. This port also allows the user to access their device using EScribe Software for maximum customization and firmware upgrades to keep your device on top of vaping technology.

Beautifully designed, master engineered and backed by cutting edge technology, it is no wonder why the Blood Red LAVABOX DNA 200 is the perfect gift for any intermediate to advanced vaper. A gift that will surely make this Valentine’s Day one to remember.


Buy the Limited Edition Blood Red LAVABOX DNA 200






Blood Red Anodized Finish

Powered by EVOLV’s DNA 200 Chip

Max Wattage Output of 200 Watts

Temperature Control Capable

HD OLED Screen

Customizable via EScribe Software

Can Store Up to 8 User Profiles

Replaceable Lithium Polymer Battery

Protection Features:

  Lock & Unlock Capable

  Over/Under Voltage

  Short Circuit

  Over Current

  Over Discharge

  10 Second Cut-off





Material: High-Quality 6061 Aluminum Alloy

Finish: Limited Edition Blood Red Anodized Coating

Threading: Standard 510 with Gold-Plated Spring-Loaded Center Pin

Grip Color: Black

Grip Material: Rubberized Polypropylene Plastic Shell

Wattage: 1W – 200W

Voltage: 0.5V – 9.0V

Operating Chip: EVOLV DNA 200

Software: EScribe

Temperature Limits: 200°F – 600°F (93°C - 315°C)

Dimensions: 46.19mm x 28.15mm x 94.87mm

Battery: Replaceable Fullymax Lithium Polymer 900mAh 3S